What is Activation?

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

  • An ancient practise used by Aztecs and Aborigines.

    Traditionally, nuts were soaked in a brine solution and then dried in the heat of the sun. Today, instead of the sun, we use specially designed dehydrators. Soaking in filtered water and sea salt, jump starts germination in the nut or seed. During germination, the phytates are broken down and used up as an energy source. Phytates are known to irritate the lining of the gut and bind to nutrients and minerals. By reducing or eliminating the phytates, the nutrients are more bioavailable.

We start with a rinse.

We start the activation process by rinsing thoroughly with filtered water. This removes all of the dust and dirt from the nuts and seeds and is the first step of our rigorous quality control measures, this is when we identify and remove any bad nuts and make sure you only receive the plump and tastiest of the batch.

Then we soak.

This is where the magic happens. By soaking in filtered water and sea salt for 12 hours, the nuts and seeds begin to germinate, releasing enzymes that help to break down irritants within the nut and removes the barriers that stop us from being able to benefit from the full nutrient profile and bioavailability of the nut or seed.

Then dehydrate.

To ensure the nut or seed retains its raw, enzymatic qualities, we slowly air dry by dehydrating at around 43°C for up to 72 hours depending on how big the nut is. By removing the water content, the nuts and seeds have a longer shelf life, a delightful crunch and a more intense, refined flavour.

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