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Dandelion Root Instant Coffee

Dandelion Root Instant Coffee

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Dandelion Root Instant Coffee is an additive-free, caffeine-free alternative to instant coffee. It has a rich, full-bodied roasted aroma. All you have to do is put the kettle on, grab your favourite mug, add hot water and stir. The rest is up to you. We like adding a teaspoon of honey and some creamy oat milk, but the possibilities are endless.


100% Roasted Dandelion Root


Add a teaspoon to taste. Stir into hot water or any hot liquid beverage of your choice. Once opened consume within 1 month


100g provides up to 50 servings.

Storage & Care

Once opened consume within 1 month.

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Instant Dandelion Coffee

Coffee has got it all, the intoxicating roasted aroma, the theatre, the buzz and of course - it’s addictive!

Coffee alternatives don’t tend to quite cut it, aside from the lack of caffeine, they lack the depth and intensity of really good coffee - until now!

Aquasol’s Instant Dandelion Coffee takes coffee alternatives where they have truly never been before - into a rich aromatic flavour universe that touches the boundaries of fresh coffee itself.

She loves me, she loves me not.

However you feel about it we all have a personal relationship with the dandelion. For many a gardener, this is far from mutually beneficial where the venerable, perennial plant is regarded as a weed and regularly pulled up and discarded.

The bitter roots contain latex, but once roasted sugar like chemicals change to produce a remarkable coffee substitute, the bitter undertones balance with a rich malted flavour, perhaps the best coffee substitute you can get and minus the caffeine which is addictive and destructive to a stressful lifestyle.

How many childhood memories are filled with dandelion clocks, and the image of their tiny parachutes flowing on an early summer breeze.

Dandelions may be no friend of the English horticulturist but in the US alone, dandelion leaves constitute $50 million dollar industry, their bitterness is revered as a salad herb in many countries, France and Holland among them if not the UK. But the British have never taken to bitterness in salads or in any food, Nicolas Culpepper pleaded with his readers to embrace the dandelion back in 165.

You see the virtues this common herb hath… that foreign physicians are not so selfish as ours are, but communicative of plants to people”.